Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Coffee Prayers 2

By way of encouragement, God tells us in Scripture, “I will remove the stony heart from their bodies, and replace it with a natural heart…” (Ezek 11:19) But I’m still waiting, asking myself when and how this will happen.

In our community the other day there wasn’t much coffee. Coffee does me good down here in the desert…it helps me…I am old.

I was worried about not having any, about spending a few hours dull and weak, and so– without perceiving the evil I was doing–I went into the kitchen and drank up all that was left.

Afterwards, after suffering all day and making my confessions, I thought in shame of my selfishness, of the easy with which I excluded my two brothers from those black, bitter remains.

It seemed a tiny thing, yet in that cup of coffee, taken and not shared with my brothers, is the root of all the evil which disturbs us, the poison of all the arrogance with selfishness, riches, and power create.

The difference between me and Jesus is right here, in an affair that seems simple but isn’t at all: after a whole lifetime it is still there to make you think.  Jesus would have left the coffee for his brothers: I excluded my brothers.
   - The God who Comes by Carlo Carretto

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