Wednesday, January 11, 2017

From Illusion to Prayer

The movement from illusion to prayer is hard to make since it leads us from false certainties to true uncertainties, from an easy support system to a risky surrender, and from the many safe 'gods' to the God whose love has no limits.
           Henry Nouwen in Reaching Out

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Do I Answer?

Most of the discussion of prayer I had ever heard centered on whether God answers prayer and how we can know that he does.  But during the past decade I have come to believe that prayer is not a matter of my calling in an attempt to get God's attention, but of my finally listening to the call of God, which has been constant, patient, and insistent in my inner being.  In my relationship to God, I am not the seeker, the initiator, the one who loves more greatly.  In prayer, as in the whole salvation story unfolded in Scripture, God is reaching out to me, speaking to me, and it is up to me to be polite enough to pay attention.  When I do have something to say to God, I am rendering a response to the divine initiative.  So the questions of whether or not and how God answers prayer now seem to me bogus questions.  The big question is do I answer, do I respond, to an invitation that is always open.

     -Virginia Mollenkott

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mini-Me or Maxi-Me?

There is within me a me which is both greater than me and at the same time authentically myself.  One way of approaching this mysterious fact would be by what is called the paradox of grace.  The more God gives me his grace (i.e. himself), the more I am myself.  The more I discover within me the greater than me the more I discover that the greater than me is authentically me.

               -H.A. Williams in Tensions