Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Servants of the Word

The past few weeks I’ve been reading and rereading, praying, and meditating on the Christmas story in the Gospel of Luke. There are so many wonderful things in these first few chapters. The Holy Spirit keeps calling me back to a couple of short, poignant phrases which He led the good Dr. Luke to write for us. One of these is at the very beginning in Luke 1:2

As Luke is naming his sources and establishing the veracity of his gospel he refers to those who followed the Lord as ‘servants of the word’. What a wonderful, powerfully evocative phrase – servants of the word. Of course, it reflects the words and obedience of the original follower of the incarnate Christ, Mary, as she humbly accepts the impossible news that she will be the mother of God, “I am the servant of the Lord”.

In these opening days of the year of our Lord 2016 I pray this phrase, servant of the word, will be descriptive of my life as I seek to serve Christ. I pray it will be prescriptive to my ministry as I seek to ‘go and make disciples among all nations’.

I also pray that you will join us as a fellow ‘servant of the word’ on an extreme missionary adventure this year. Email or call today to begin your adventure with a purpose.

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