Monday, November 23, 2015

Different People

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This morning finds me in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  As I continue our week of Sursum Corda Thanksgiving meditation on Psalm 138 the last sentence of  passage calls out to me.

Lord, Your love is eternal;
do not abandon the work of Your hands.

As I drop the rest of the psalm and quieten my heart, soul, and mind in this sentence the Spirit brings to mind all the 'different than me people' I saw last night as I walked the Quarter.  As Brother Mark Brown posted this morning:

Even if we have all we need and enjoy perfect health and have accomplished everything we set out to do, just opening the newspaper pops that little bubble. Empathy can and should be an unsettling experience.
     -Br. Mark Brown   Society of Saint John the Evangelist   

They, just like me, and every human are the work of God's hand.  My prayer is for God not to abandon any one of us and for each of us to know, really experientially know, his eternal love for us.

God has made himself more known to me by my being here.  I find peace in knowing that in some inexplicable way my presence and my prayers are helping make him more known in the lives of each of these 'so very different people'.

Please join our Monastery of the Soul online community as together we lift our hearts in praise to God as we meditate on Psalm 138 this Thanksgiving week.

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