Monday, September 14, 2015

Lonely Encounter

One need of our age is for each person to capture enough solitude so that the soul may face God, unattended either by family or congregation. Corporate worship of God is indeed edifying, but it is in a lonely encounter that God can search the soul and lay it bare to receive both scalpel and the balm of the divine physician.
     - Alvin N. Rogness in the introduction to Dairy of an Old Soul by George MacDonald

Prayer and time alone with God are the foundations of our faith and the abundant life in Christ. Yet we receive little training in these basic practices that anchor and sustain us in the busyness and loneliness of our often hectic lifestyle. Come join us on a one-day PrayerReach guided, silent prayer retreat as we explore recovering ancient words and practices that have sustained the church for millennia.

Our first retreat will be Saturday, September 19 at the beautiful Biedenharn Garden and Museum in Monroe Louisiana. Go to for more information and other dates and cities. While there you can also request a FREE copy of Monty Peregrine’s book PrayerReach – ‘Withnessing’ Among the Unreached.

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