Monday, July 6, 2015

Squatty Potties on Planes

Maybe its delirium from being awake for over 36 hours and knowing we still have ‘a ways to go before this day is done’ but that’s what just rambled thorough my mind as I made another trip to the ‘nicely appointed’ Cathey Pacific airline toilet.  I’m not (yet) incontinent or suffering from Montezuma’s Revenge (yet).  Just experiencing a little cabin fever.  I need to get up and move around and there’s’ nothing else to do so why not go to the bathroom AGAIN.

On long haul flights to the other side of the world you have plenty of time to ponder the deep, existential questions of life such as, “Why don’t Asian airlines have squatty potties?”  The mental and emotional strain of working through this deep life question must have released a flood of oxytocin into my body causing me to empathize with the Asians.  “What do they think about this?”, seemed the next logical existential question as I, like Alice, followed the rabbit down the hole. It’s their airline so why doesn’t it have their preferred style of toilet? The pre-flight safety briefings are given in their language and the seatback labels are in their script so why not at least have some squatty potties?

As this sign clearly shows I’m not the only one pondering this question.


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