Monday, June 8, 2015

The Fisherman's Choice

The beauty of this morning belies the darkness swirling beneath the surface of life in Southeast Asia. Like the unseen keel of the old fisherman’s boat motoring up the murky river, Satan is silently but most certainly guiding these unsuspecting people. The golden idols and family shrines testify to his control of their lives, to their search for God. Topside all is peaceful and serene, bucolic, but just below the waterline of daily existence is a chaos of barnacles and slime, doubts and fears.

What chilling history lingers behind those fisherman’s eyes dark as the placid river waters? What hunger for peace and reconciliation? Will he toss away the answer to his longing, his need, as casually as he tossed the trash over the side of the boat? Will he fail to see the consequence of the choice as it floats away in the wake of life?

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