Friday, May 1, 2015


800 kilometers. Doesn’t sound like too far for five days of motorbike prayer-riding but these are not American highways. Southeast Asian roads are more pothole than pavement. A steady stream of cross-country buses and 18 wheelers race at you from both directions. There’s no “my side of the road” here. Apparently the biggest, or baddest, or craziest has the right-of-way. Visions of me, or worse, one of my companions being hit and rag-dolling down the highway cloud my mind.

Then a young family on a motorbike passes a saffron-clad monk collecting alms.  I snap back to reality. Back to why we’re here. 97% of these people don’t know Christ as Lord. Most have never even heard His name and have no access to His Word. Our most frequent and most urgent requests from field missionaries are for XMA prayer teams to come “plow the rocky ground”. These missionaries know that prayer is the first and most important part of reaching their people. That prayer is the tool God has chosen to free the lost — to open the eyes, hearts, and minds of those trapped in millennia old systems of spiritual darkness.

Yes, there are risks in what we do but God has called us to be bold in the face of risks. And, to be honest, it’s probably not even as risky here as on family vacation. I haven’t seen the first wreck, yet how many times have you taken a 500 mile road trip in America and not seen at least one horrendous car wreck?

At XMA we are bold about our adventures to make Christ known but we aren’t foolish or unprepared. With over 135 years of combined volunteer team leading experience our highly trained staff have successfully led over 600 volunteer teams to serve in 33 countries on 6 continents.  

We are adventurers with a purpose.  Taking Jesus at His word to GO and make disciples of all nations.  Taking serious our calling to equip Believers to share the love of Christ with the unreached.

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