Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Your Heart’s Desires

Take delight in the Lord,
and He will give you your heart’s desires.
     - Psalm 37:4   

For years I’ve read this verse as a promise that if I would only ‘delight in the Lord’ He would give me everything I ever wanted, that He would fulfill my every wish like a magic genie.  However, this morning, as that first cup of coffee cleared the sleep from my mind, the Spirit opened my heart to a deeper meaning.  

The psalmist is not saying the Lord is like a great cosmic slot machine doling out rewards.  Rather, if I truly delight in the Lord, if ‘my heart and flesh cry out for the living God’, He will fill my heart with His desires. He will cause me to long and yearn for His will to be done in my life and in our world.  And, once my heart’s desire is for His will to be done, He will give me my heart’s desire.

God works on us through our life experiences and through scripture – the very living Word of God.  So at times like this, when we feel moved, either by a sense of peace or of conviction, we should stop, linger in that moment, that feeling.  It is a theophany, a self-showing of God.  When God reveals Himself to us, as He did this morning through this psalm, we are on Holy ground.  Just as Moses dropped everything when he saw the burning bush, in instants like this, we should stop our busyness and let God speak into us.  

God is spirit, ineffable.  But when we are alert we can know Him and His will.  This is a gift of God, the gift of His very presence.  Dwell in this life-giving presence.

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